Company is the first Apps you need to build your IT infrastructure, it allow you to manage your employees, permissions, and a global vision of it.

Price: Included.
Stable Version: 1.0-0 - Stable
Latest Build: 1.0-0 - Stable


Website is an easy to deploy a website as your wish, this is simple website for documentation or landing. Website Subscription include a design support, if you want to change the design you're up to at any time.
(If you want payment available please used the shopping apps.)

Price: 15€
Stable Version: 0.1-0 - Stable
Latest Build: 0.1-0 - Stable


Shopping allow you to deploy an e-market with 3DSecure support, privacy respect and security. It is fully customizable throught the easy to use interface. A design support is also included.

Price: 35€
Stable Version: 0.3-0 - Stable
Latest Build: 0.3-16 - Beta